Just Placed Your Order, So What Is Next?

Now that you have placed your order with Liberty Fence & Railing, it’s time to get your fence or railing installed. You have a big role in the process. Being prepared ensures a smooth installation and a pleasant experience for you. In our experience, we find a more informed and involved client becomes a more satisfied customer.

 Buried Lines

Dig Safely New York is called before Liberty Fence & Railing digs on your property. They’ll mark the location(s) of any known public utility – such as gas, cable/fiber optic lines etc. – running through your property. Dig Safely New York does not indicate oil, sprinkler, waste, or electrical lines. Please bring these locations, if any, to the attention of our crew when they arrive for the installation. Liberty Fence & Railing is not responsible for damage or consequential damage to underground lines not marked or improperly marked by Dig Safely New York.


Liberty Fence & Railing will assist homeowners to obtain permits for fencing. Please recognize that is the homeowner’s responsibility to have permits in place before our fence crew arrives. We will advise homeowners about current code and regulations for fencing, height, and design for your property. Permit fees are an extra cost, in addition to the contract price.

Property Lines

It is best for the homeowner to have their property staked off by a licensed surveyor prior to the arrival of our crew. If customers can provide our installers with a survey the day of the installation, we will do our best to keep your fence within your property line, usually 3” to 6” in to allow for error and post footing encroachments.

Have Your Property Ready

It is best that the homeowner has the property prepared and the fence line cleared of obstacles and debris prior to the arrival of our fence installation crew. Things that could slow our work down, such as pruning on both sides of the property, is not part of the install service and should be something to address prior to the install date.

Leveling of Land

No land is perfectly level. Our trained installers can work with the homeowner on the installation methods of the new fence. To keep a fence off the ground is usually a code violation in height and is not a recommended type of installation. Sloping the fence or installing it on a pitch is recommended. Liberty Fence & Railing does not fill in gaps, voids, and spaces under fencing. Any filler pieces needed will be charged on a job by job basis.


Often situations arise where decisions have to be made in the middle of an installation. This is why we insist that the property owner be present while our crew is working. Customers must supply electric and water as needed for Liberty Fence & Railing to perform contracted work. We cart away fencing and railings we take down at an additional cost to the contract.

Sign of Excellence

Our fences and railings are custom products all individually designed to specification exclusively for your property. We want to share our pride and commitment to excellence with our customers. Upon completion of the fence installation, we will affix one of Liberty Fence & Railing’s signs of excellence. The Liberty Fence & Railing Sign of Excellence must remain on the fence or railing in a conspicuous location at all times for warranties to be in effect.

Thank you for your purchase and choosing Liberty Fence & Railing for your home needs. If you have any questions about the preparation process or installation job, call (516) 872-9734 or (631) 864-3354. Now let’s get started!

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