In our effort to be an end-to-end service provider for your fence and railing needs, we include here all the info for you to get started, while you are in the process of meeting us and getting your estimate.

Dig Safe

After you have ordered your perfect fence, we schedule Dig Safe to stop by your home to survey the area and mark any public known utility such as gas or water lines. Dig Safe does not mark sprinkler systems, pool lines or any homeowner run electric so please bring it to our attention if you have either or both to prevent damage during installation. This is a precaution to keep not only your family safe but also our installers. Many companies overlook this step due to lack of proper insurance. How short sighted. Professionals do things the right way all the time.

Things To Know

HAVE A COPY OF YOUR SURVEY. It helps us with the proper placement of the fence. Otherwise, we will put the fence where YOU mark it for us. If we need to move the fence afterwards for any reason, additional charges may apply.

NO LAND IS PERFECTLY LEVEL. Some properties have a very obvious slope. Please communicate with your installer your preferred way to install your fence. He will recommend to either rack the fence to follow the slope OR to step the fence. Sometime, due to the land conditions, a gap is created underneath the bottom rail of the fence. Most people choose to fill this in with soil, brick, stone or some other preference. Fillers are available for purchase to fill the gap.

GATES WILL BE INSTALLED AN ESTIMATED 7 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER INSTALLATION. Since the gateposts are filled with cement throughout, this time allows the cement to dry so your gate will hang perfectly after installation. This time also allows your custom gate to be built to perfection.

ALL ESTIMATED COMPLETION TIMES ARE WEATHER PERMITTING. Since we work outside with Mother Nature and are unable to install during inclement your estimated completion date may be moved. This is something that is out of our control and request your patience in this event.