Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are all PVC and vinyl fences the same?
  2. What is Liberty Fence & Railing’s product made of?
  3. Is Liberty Fence & Railing’s product recycled plastic?
  4. Where are Liberty Fence & Railing products made?
  5. How long does it last?
  6. How long has Liberty Fence & Railing been in business?
  7. Will my PVC/vinyl fence turn yellow or green if I purchase from Liberty Fence & Railing?
  8. Can vinyl fences break?
  9. Will the gate hardware rust or stain my new fence?
  10. Does PVC/vinyl become brittle in winter?
  11. Is the fence graffiti-proof?
  12. Will I ever have to paint my new vinyl fence?
  13. How do I clean my PVC/vinyl fence?
  14. Will it mildew?
  15. Will my PVC/vinyl fence catch fire and burn?
  16. Do PVC/vinyl fences contain lead?
  17. Why is PVC/vinyl fencing so much more expensive than wood?
  18. Why does PVC/vinyl fencing not come in more colors?

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